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Rosond - Safety, Quality, Speed

Fast, efficient, safe and cost-effective drilling and grouting services are only achieved when a close and co-operative working relationship is developed between suppliers and clients. ROSOND has spent the past 55 years applying client-specific problem solving methodologies using advanced design and engineering disciplines.

State-of-the-art in-house manufacturing facilities are equipped to provide products designed and engineered to precisely and competently cope with the specific demands of each client’s explicit applications. The capabilities and inherent intellectual property of its experienced team of engineers and artisans is carefully and systematically applied to ensure a solution that provides clients with global best practice.

Through the careful identification of its core target market segments ROSOND has been able to concentrate its efforts on those long-term opportunities which will provide sustainable growth. By adopting a focused approach to client development, the company’s experienced team is able to provide niche services that continue to benefit its clients in mining houses, operating mines, junior mining companies and exploration companies.

ROSOND’s decisive vision is to be top of mind for all southern African mining and exploration companies when they need a superior drilling and grouting partner to help them achieve maximised productivity in their operations.
    Investing in recruitment pays off

Over the past five years, Rosond estimates that it has reduced an annual staff turnover from around 40% per annum to 15%, a feat that it attributes largely to a substantial investment in recruitment and training. “Our recruitment process is something we take very seriously,” says Rosond’s Operations director Ricardo Cravo Ribeiro.

“Our operations take place in a very stressful environment and it’s not for everybody; we need to understand that and identify the right people”.

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Rosond - Safety, Quality, Speed